SocraticGadfly: Happy Memorial Day – enjoy the great outdoors

May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Day – enjoy the great outdoors

That’s what I’ll be doing, so blogging will be light, as I get out of Dodge a little bit.

First, I’m going to the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, pictured at right, with more pictures of my own, of this area plus Palo Duro Canyon, here. It’s a great place, with small lakes, creeks, low mountains (more than hills) bison, longhorns, elk, deer, prairie dog villages and a variety of hiking.

Also, spring wildflowers are in bloom this time of year, including Indian paintbrush, coreopsis and more.

Anyway, it's a nice, leisurely drive from Dallas. I'm heading up tonight, and will crash in my car somewhere.

Then, it’s on to Caprock Canyons (pictured) and/or Copper Breaks state parks in northwest Texas’ upper Red River valley.

Don’t know if I’ll get out to Palo Duro. Yes, trying to economize the gas a little bit.

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