SocraticGadfly: McCain has lost aides with lobbyist ties …

May 19, 2008

McCain has lost aides with lobbyist ties …

As often as Bush has captured the “al-Qaeda No. 3 operative” in Afghanistan. Schmuck Talk Express™ has had to let a campaign majordomo go because of lobbying connections time after time in recent weeks.

This time, it’s campaign finance co-chair Texas Rep. Thomas G. Loeffler who gets the ax.

Beyond Schmuck Talk’s lies about not being connected to lobbyists, we also get the picture of a campaign in less than stellar organization.

Tom Loeffler has his own lobbying firm with his name on it.

Now we know why Schmuck Talk wasn’t incensed about Boeing losing an Air Force contract to Airbus last month, either:
Among Loeffler’s clients is the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co., the parent company of plane manufacturer Airbus.

And, I guess Saudi Arabia wasn’t as dictatorial as Myanmar:
Newsweek reported over the weekend that Loeffler's firm was paid $15 million by Saudi Arabia.

This is the fifth person let go in the last month:
McCain advisers Doug Goodyear, who was to run the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn., and Doug Davenport, a regional campaign director for the Mid-Atlantic states, also resigned this month. Both worked for DCI Group, a consulting firm hired to improve the image of Myanmar’s military junta.

When the policy was announced last week, McCain fired energy policy adviser Eric Burgeson, who represents energy companies as a lobbyist.

The campaign also asked Craig Shirley to resign from McCain’s Virginia leadership team because he was behind an independent group that has been criticizing Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama on the Internet.

At the same time, other Schmuck Talk advisors are following the letter, but not the spirit, of Big Mac’s “what, me meet with lobbyists?” line by taking leaves of absence from their DC head shops.

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