SocraticGadfly: US playing bagman to Cuban dissidents?

May 19, 2008

US playing bagman to Cuban dissidents?

At least, that’s what Havana claims:
At a news conference, the officials presented a series of alleged e-mails they said were between the diplomat, Michael Parmly, and groups based in Miami, Florida, opposed to the communist government. The Cubans also played recordings of phone conversations allegedly involving other diplomats.

The alleged conversations did not provide any evidence that the purported letters carried between Parmly and dissident groups contained any cash.

I’m sure the difference between the smoke and the fire is somewhere in the middle here. The BushCo politicized State Department is dumb enough something like this is possible, but it doesn’t seem likely.

OTOH, this is on the same day that Venezuela claimed U.S. jets violated its airspace.

OTOH to that, Havana and Caracas could be orchestrating their PR campaigns.

Stay tuned.

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