SocraticGadfly: Icahn lusting after Circuit City AND Yahoo?

May 20, 2008

Icahn lusting after Circuit City AND Yahoo?

This from a man who allegedly doesn’t even use a computer. Carl Icahn not only wants to control one of the three major web portals in the country, but one of its top electronics stores as well. Corporate trader gutter Icahn has lined up financial backing for Best Buy to take over Circuit City.

First, how much is Chainsaw Carl going to bid Circuit City down? Since nobody besides BB has indicated a big interest, Shortcut City stock is worth about as much as George W. Bush-imprinted toilet paper as of this moment.

Second, how much free money does Icahn have to play with if he’s also chasing Yahell?

Third, will he name Dallas Mavericks owner and pseudo-renegade Mark Cuban to the board of a combined Circuit City/Best Buy, as John C. Dvorak halfway seriously, halfway waggishly guessed he would do if he took over Yahoo?

Fourth, just how well off is Best Buy? They’re not doing so hot right now, and, per Jim Jubak, look for Chinese inflation to put a rising bite on U.S. consumer goods in coming months.

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