SocraticGadfly: Maybe Ford will go bankrupt

May 23, 2008

Maybe Ford will go bankrupt

Ford’s announcement Thursday that it will cut both second and third quarter production by nearly 20 percent sure looks like it could — and should — promote bankruptcy talk.

Hell, it would be one of the best things that could happen for America environmentally.

Toyota’s not virgin-pure, certainly not after opposing California’s CO2 emissions control attempt. (Which we hope is eventually enacted.)

But, it’s way ahead of the Formerly Big Three.

Ford trotted out a diesel-hybrid car at auto shows a couple of years back. Is one in production? No.

GM puts light hybrids on its trucks and SUVs, but the world’s largest maker of hybrid-drive buses, via its GM-Allison subsidiary, can’t see fit to make a hybrid.

Chrysler is worst of all, but being privately held, technically can’t go bankrupt.

If Ford or GM goes bankrupt, Toyota would have a shell for a Prius factory somewhere. In fact, maybe now, even, Toyota could buy a plant that is “temporarily” (yeah, right) idled for pennies on the dollar.

Ford shares dropped 8.2 percent Thursday. If gas goes even higher than Ford’s pegged $3.75-$4.25 range, look for all the formerly Big Three to tank even more.

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