January 16, 2017

Greg AtLast tackles Grizzly Steppe, Golden Showers and Putin's Pisser

Now that Greg's laid that out, the neoliberal conspiracy theories riding on the tails of the national security establishment that's been spying on you and me under Dear Leader for the last eight years, let's see what he's talking about.

First, here's the reality about Golden Showers. As Greg notes, even Hillbot David Corn wouldn't print actual content from it, it's that bad. Add in Christopher Steele's highly ostentatious "going into hiding," and hints of other things far less substantial than Alan Simpson's "over the transom" stuff during the the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Second, here's the reality about Grizzly Steppe. It's a mix of a puerile fixation on Russia Today mixed with random thoughts about malware that may have been created by somebody inside Russia or not, who may, or may not, even if inside Russia, be connected to the Russian government, who, even if connected to the Russian government, may or may not be connected to Vladimir Putin. Got it? It's pretty thin toilet paper indeed — fitting as the prelude to "Golden Showers."

Third, here's the reality of our having baited Russia for 25-plus years and counting, ever since we told Boris Yeltsin in 1990 that we would NOT expand NATO eastward. Not just the Hillbots, but top Berniecrat surrogates like Nina Turner, are on board with this nonsense. (Note: Take last 10 percent of that piece, stuff related to the original, actual Cold War, with a grain of salt. NOT with two or more grains, but yes, with one grain.)

Fourth, the neoliberal politicians that the Josh Marshall and Talking Points Memo alums fellate? They don't care about you.

Here's Dear Leader's presidential legacy. Does it look like he cares about you?

Here's the reality of Sen. MBNA's 30 years of whoring himself out to credit card companies before Dear Leader put a medal around his neck. Does it look like he cares about you?

Cory Booker has long been a sellout to Big Pharma, as a pale shadow of Obama, as he showed again a week ago — along with 13 other neolib Dems. Does it look like he, or they, care about you?

Even a civil rights icon like John Lewis shows he has no problem being a machine politics hack in peddling the #IBlamePutin bullshit. Maybe he cared about you at one time, but does he really today?

And, at least one Russian national says the ball hasn't been moved forward since June. And, that's just the time when Steele started peddling his toilet paper.

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