January 19, 2017

Brian Loncar OD-ed on cocaine, and capitalism — #hypocrisy alert

I was in Dallas nearly a decade ago when the self-billed Strong Arm of the Law caused an accident (I believe legally, not just empirically) with an emergency vehicle in the Oaklawn area.

Already then, he struck me as an "L.A. Law" type attorney, so, the coke up his nose, even if a fallout from his daughter's suicide shortly before that, is no surprise.

And, I'm sure he knew where to get enough coke to be contributory to a fatal heart attack (that's the OD angle) from previous experience. One doesn't just walk down to 7-11 for that. Indeed, another Dallas Snooze story mentions he had long battled addiction to a "gateway drug."

No, not marijuana, you prudes. Alcohol. It and tobacco are the biggest gateway drugs to hard drugs.

He also, if operating legally, was an ethical shyster, it seems.

That's why, per the second link, his talking about his daughter in Jesus' arms gets the hypocrisy flag. For the cocaine, and much more, for possibly screwing poor people, per Matthew 25, if there is a Jesus, he might just not be so generous to you, Brian Loncar.

I don't want to kick him, or his surviving family after facing two deaths, and news about the why of the second death — though surely some of them knew he had a coke problem too — too hard. Frankly, as I said on Twitter, even though he sued the city of Dallas, I wouldn't be surprised if either coke or alcohol was contributory to the 2008 accident.

He was granted the local level right to pursue that suit, but lost his appeal, based on official immunity. (Not just limited, but blanket official immunity.) And, he should have known that would happen at some level. The county court at law should have made that ruling itself, but didn't. Per my first comment about the accident, he was reportedly pushing to beat a yellow light. I assume the fire engine had both lights and sirens on. And, I know exactly where that intersection is.

It's called arrogance, Loncar's stance.

Per the third link, he does seem to have been generous with a fair amount of his money.

Even while pushing and scheming to get even more of it.

He actually died, indirectly, as an addict to capitalism. (The vehicle he totaled in that 2008 wreck was a $180K Bentley.) The blood pressure and heart disease were probably related to that addiction, too. Overworking and overstressing in the name of greed. And, you die before you're 60. If we're going to reference the bible, this reminds me of the wealthy landlord promising to build bigger barns and silos only to be told, per Jesus' words: "Fool! Your soul will be required of you tonight."

On the drug addiction (I presume he quit alcohol?) this just goes to show that addiction is a bitch.

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