January 21, 2017

#ResistTrump or #ResistJ20 seem to have an #Occupy type problem

The problem doesn't surprise me, as it was the same problem with the original Zucotti Park Occupy movement. As a representative picture from Washington, D.C., on Friday makes clear, the protestors are ... pretty white.

Surely whiter than the national average. Definitely whiter than the national average for under-30 Americans. Per Wikipedia, just about exactly one-third of Americans under 30 is non-white.

Based on this and other pictures, I'm guessing the protestors were at least 75 percent white — the national average for all ages — at a very conservative guess, and more likely 80 percent more more.

Again, no, I'm not surprised, as with Occupy, as I noted in a long, analytical blog post of mine, the Occupiers themselves admitted to just those facts.

Per that link above, in a self-survey, they admitted to being whiter than the national average, more educated than the national average, and being richer than the national average, unless all of them were from New York City.

A few of the details:
The data suggest that 81.3% of respondents considered themselves White, 1.3% Black\African American, 3.2% Asian, .4% Native American Indian, 2.9% Mixed, 7.7% Hispanic, and 3.2% considered themselves some other group. ... 

92.1% of the sample has some college, a college degree, or a graduate degree.27.4% have some college (but no degree), 35% have a college degree, 8.2% have some graduate school (but no degree), and close to 21.5% have a graduate school degree. ... 

The remainder 13% of the sample earn over $75,000 with close to 2% earning over $150,000 per year.

I suspect the same of today's protestors. (Update: From what I saw of Saturday's Women's March photos, my suspicions seem to played out again over it.)

So, yep, the picture above looks like a mix of undergraduate and graduate students, the latter of whom, especially, still tilt white much more than the overall national average in their age group. And, a lot of them are probably the same Adbusters-demographic dilettantes who think they're special snowflakes, wear safety pins as signallers until finding out that's being trolled, and are a bit like a kinder, gentler side of Black Bloc folks.

And, to the degree the protestors have inhaled Black Bloc anarcho-vandalism (if it even rises to that intellectual level), I partially disagree with friend Brains.

Sure, it's "fun" breaking store windows. But, what does it accomplish? Other than being an Adbusters-type theater event in the era of selfies?  Monkey-wrenching of logging company vehicles in national forests I get. That's a targeted action. But random vandalism? Nope.

Now, if these youth want to get involved with actual politics, and more specifically, the politics of the Green Party, that's different. But, the events above, and maybe another occasional protest, then not getting productively politically involved? Not for me.

When I lived in Dallas and protested at eXXXon shareholder meetings, I was already a Green Party voter — and an adamant boycotter of eXXXon for 15 years. No, I don't keep up with lists of every product I "should" boycott, but I do address a few.

That said, those protests, even though local Dallas ones, leaned awfully white, too. The Green Party is trying. VP Baraka certainly has tried and is still trying. But, we've got a lot of uphill sledding still to do on Green supporters, and on protest movements. Maybe, per blacks' comments about Occupy, they're protested out. Some of them may be too busy.

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Traruh Synred said...


i WOULD BET Green party is white, rich and educated too. Doesn't mean they are wong.

Weather Underground was white, rich and edcuated too. Doesn't make make them write.

Anybody passing there movement on the lyrics of a Dylan song is any idiot with the possible acception of North Country Blues (above).