January 13, 2017

#BigPharma and #neoliberal bullshit from Cory Booker

We start with the photo pasted above.

We then go to the pull quote from Booker at left.

Booker, already positioning himself to try to be the second black neoliberal president in 2020, is trying to do that in part, it seems, by proffering a kinder, gentler, Obamacare. (I see what I and my one thousand twinkles of special snowflakes did there.)

The comment comes after Booker voted against a Bernie Sanders-pushed Senate amendment to create a federal revenue pool to control prescription costs, specifically through Canadian drug importation.

Now, note what I have circled in red on the back side of a Flonase bottle; "Made in Canada."

Now, prescription versions of drugs don't, at least in pill form, list a country of origin, and it's been a long, long time, since I bought prescription Flonase. But, the OTC version of Flonase is the exact same formulation and strength as the prescription version.

So, either GlaxoSmithKline is poisoning Americans with a potentially unsafe product just because it no longer needs a prescription, or Canadian drugs magically get safer without a prescription, or else it's stuffing Cory Booker's political wallet full of Flonase-green dinero.

Of course, this is nothing new. Four years ago, already, Booker was hobnobbing with The Donald, even to the degree of benefiting from an Ivanka Trump fundraiser.

That said, per Yasha Levine, on a lot of social issues, Booker isn't even really a neoliberal.

Of course, per his own Tweets, he's really just a heartless bastard.
Of course, let's not shame only Booker. Thirteen other Senate Dems opposed the amendment, too.

And shock me that neolib opinion rag Washington Monthly is massaging Booker's hurt butt.

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townsend said...

Booker's wallet is fat with ~$267,000 from pharmaceutical manufacturers: