January 15, 2017

John Lewis is not immune to criticism just because he's a civil rights legend

John Lewis, hoist on his own Hillbot petard
First, per the basics of the spat between the iconic Georgia Congresscritter and President-elect Trump, Lewis started it.

He said Trump was not "legitimate."

The Electoral College disagreed, first.

Second, if Lewis is sniffing Hillbot and Democratic National Committee insider #IBlamePutin crack, which he apparently is, that's his problem — and it is a problem. It's a problem indeed.

Third, Lewis is getting butt-hurt after hoisting himself on his own petard. Michael Tracy, on Twitter, largely agrees, per the note above.

After all, even though many younger minority voters supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, Lewis and others of the Congressional Black Caucus gerontocracy doubled down on backing Hillary Clinton.

Who lost.

Bernie might not have one, but he might well have run a better campaign.

To help keep him from winning Southern primaries, Lewis engaged in a sneer campaign (I see what I did there) against Sanders, then tried to walk it back — unsuccessfully. Just.Another.Politician.™

As for his "I met Hillary Clinton, I met President Clinton" claim in the civil rights movement? Really? When did you meet the Goldwater Girl, who wasn't involved in any of the 1960s activities? Ditto for Slick Willie.

You made your own bed, now go lie in it. Somebody needs to primary you in 2018. Better yet, some Green Party person of color needs to run against you in the 2018 general election. Or retire. You're past the age of 75, like much of the rest of the Democratic Congressional gerontocracy, and have been in Congress for 30 years. (The exact same, by year of birth and years of Congressional time, is true of Nancy Pelosi.)

As for Paul Begala claiming Lewis was acting out of "pain, not partisanship," puhleeze. First, Paul's very much a partisan himself. Second, Election Day was more than two months ago.

As for Republicans backing him over Trump in this spat? Some, like Evan McMullin, are spooks themselves. All are wedded to the "deep state," and Trump's stance both antagonizes and scares them.

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