September 20, 2016

This is how to recycle! In the face of #freetrade

A new French law is requiring that all disposable picnic-type dinnerware — silverware, plates, cups — be compostable and made of biologically sourced materials.

Per the story, it's yet another clear example of what's wrong with free trade agreements and similar. Opponents argue it violates the European Union's regulations on free movement of goods and services.

It also, per the story, reflects tensions between socialist/social democrat voters (and politicians) and green ones. French Environment Minister Segolene Royal not only originally opposed the measure, but called it elitist, in essence.

I, in turn, would argue that sentiments such as hers are themselves elitist.

As for Eamonn Bates claiming the products won't compost ... let him prove up or shut up.

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