September 19, 2016

Movement in Sweden's case against Julian Assange

Per NPR, here's the bullet points:

1. Arrest warrant is still active.
2. However, Swedish officials will interview him at the Ecuadorean embassy in London later this year.

I'm no blanket defender of Assange's personal behavior. The man's reckless at times, and clearly an egotist.

Yet, since Sweden DID help the CIA in its renditions work, I believe he is still right to fear extradition by Sweden to the US.

That said, there is a third bullet point.

The two non-rape charges have been dropped due to the lack of indictment before the statute of limitations expired. A tea-leaf reader will operate on the assumption those charges, at least based on evidence at hand, were that weak.

Tea-leaf readers will also note the 2020 statute of limitations on the rape charge and notes that — discounting fears of street kidnapping — Assange has four years left to try to run the clock out on the Swedish government.

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