SocraticGadfly: Wanted: #Anonymous; Your mission? Hack the debates

September 22, 2016

Wanted: #Anonymous; Your mission? Hack the debates

If the so-called "Anonymous" crowd is as good as it claims, and if hypercapitalist smugness is as strong as we know, it shouldn't be too hard to hack into the feed of the first presidential debate, set for Sept. 26 an hour before start time, have a heads-up ready for the Jill Stein and Gary Johnson campaigns, and tell them to be ready to roll, right?

And, if any of this actually is doable, the Stein and Johnson campaigns need to drop any squeamishness about going along.

And, Anonymous will want to find a real non-duopoly debate moderator, as opposed to the dreck we're likely to get.

The dreck includes the fear-driven polling that the Commission on Presidential Debates uses to justify excluding third-party candidates

* The author of this blog post is not a member of Anonymous and has never met a member of Anonymous. Only trained professionals should try electronic hacking. Objects in your rearview mirror may be closer than expected.

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