September 23, 2016

Did Ajamu Baraka raise a false flag, or just reality, on Hamas and Israel?

About a month ago, as I blogged here, the issue of Green Party Veep claiming that the 2014 kidnapping of three Israeli teens by Hamas had been a false flag was used to bash him by the likes of Zionists like Corey Pein.

Well, the reality is more subtle.

(And I should have gone in more depth at the time.)

First, if the kidnapping was done by Hamas members, it was apparently NOT, per Wikipedia's article, done by Hamas leadership. Also according to that page, Israeli officials were looking for pretexts for a new crackdown.

It's a crackdown that Israel has needed because of the egg on its face (largely hidden from the public) in helping Hamas get started. Yes, you read correctly. Click the link.

That said, I still reject the idea it was a false flag.

And, I remain leery of Baraka appearing with false flaggers, including Holocaust denialists. And, I don't really buy his attempts to explain this away. And, it thus remains another black mark against the Green Party.

So, my question was more rhetorical than real. But, hopefully a few readers did learn about what Israel will do at times. As well as learning again to examine conspiracy theories carefully.

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