September 21, 2016

#FreeTrade vs #climatechange

This is the first of what will be several mini-blogs on the subject of free trade.

Chris Tomlimson, an online friend, and most likely a personal friend, if I knew him in person, has expressed a moderate amount of concern about climate change as business columnist for the Houston Chronicle.

However, he's also an ardent free trader.

And, given the amount of coal China uses, as well as the inefficiency of many of its coal-fired electric plants, and the lack of pollution controls on them, know that free trade outsources pollution — including the global-warming pollutant carbon dioxide.

Anybody who's heard about Beijing's attempts to quash U.S. embassy pollution measurements, or seen a picture of the Beijing atmosphere, knows how true this is.

This is why "carbon tax PLUS carbon tariff" is the way, and only way, to go, on addressing climate change.

Otherwise, as for free trade vs fair trade, Tomlinson needs to focus his big guns on American, and European, Big Ag as much as anything. But we'll talk more about other free trade issues ahead.

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