SocraticGadfly: Rachel Maddow slouches even further toward Gomorrah

April 02, 2016

Rachel Maddow slouches even further toward Gomorrah

Rachel Maddow: Unimpressing me
more and more, day by day
MSNBC talking head Maddow, or Madcow as I sometimes call her, has never been as high in my estimation as she has been for many liberals. That's yet another reason I don't call myself a "liberal."

The latest? Doing breathless video-stenography work for lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley in his claim that the Supreme Court MUST release him from a restraining order because he potentially has the power to affect this election.

Who is Mr. Sibley?

Well, nearly a decade ago, he WAS the lawyer for Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called "D.C. Madam,"

Since then? Well, for at least a while, he was nobody's lawyer, as he was disbarred for three years in 2009/10 — for being a deadbeat divorcee dad. (And more, below.) And, since the time of the D.C. Madam case, he's been an Obama birther.

Which is not mentioned by Maddow.

Well, that means that he might be monkey-wrenching for this election, right?

Right indeed. But not in the way you think.

See, he's now a Ted Cruz birther.

That too is NOT mentioned by Madcow.

I mean, I found all of this with 10 minutes of teh Google.

Add to it that, on the Puff Hoes piece about his being an Obama birther, Dave Weigel reportedly got him on video talking about genital size, which surely means he's simpatico with Trump.

Add in that he was also disbarred, not just as a deadbeat dad on child support, but for barratry. And I'm not sure he's ever been reinstated. A certain unethical news site still calls him disbarred in its piece, which also notes that he's raising money via a Gofundme.

Plus, he announced he would try the same thing back in 2012.

I mean, to anybody with brains, it should be clear what his breathless "must be released" is ... it's related to him being a Cruz birther.

All I can venture is that Madcow is ratings-whoring.

As for my "Madcow" and other things? The one book of hers that I read I found "meh" and three-starred. Just not impressed by her. Run-of-the-mill left-wing-of-party Democrat, who's not too neoliberal, and that's about it.

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