August 12, 2014

Dear #TigerWoods: Please stop lying -- to yourself

Because that's the point we're at.

Whether to please a sponsor or whatever, you came back too early from your back surgery, then lied about how ready you were. Maybe it was you trying to live up to the myth of superhumanness that's gone from myth to cartoon.

Then, you obviously liked about your back before the start of the PGA. And, were forced to eat your words.

Please don't follow this with groveling to Tom Watson for a Ryder Cup berth for the prestige. 

The US is going to get smoked like cheap brisket whether you're on that team or not. It's an event where you have a poor track record. And your interest in being named to the team seems to be more about your prestige, or "brand," or something, than it does reality.

As a friend of mine said, maybe daddy Earl, were he still alive, might be able to tell you to stop and put down the clubs. I don't know if your mom can do that, let alone help you escape the myth of your own (and Earl's) building, or not.

Anyway, you're not "lying" to us as much as you are entertaining many of us through how flimsy this all is. You're lying to yourself.

And, until you accept some reality, you're only shooting yourself in the foot with the lies. Until you accept the new reality, hitting the peak of whatever realistic peak you still have left is impossible.

I'm nowhere near your favorite fan, but I would find you to deserve a little bit more rooting, at least, if you would practice yet more "acceptance." You seemed to indicate you would, in part by dipping into your mother's Buddhism, after Hydrantgate. Doing more would be good. 

Update, Aug. 13: Thank you for being honest with yourself, and the golf world, by withdrawing from Ryder consideration, and also for announcing you would sit everything out until early December.

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