SocraticGadfly: Your #GregAbbott movie text of the week is "Rick Perry"

August 16, 2014

Your #GregAbbott movie text of the week is "Rick Perry"

"Thank" Greg Abbott for interrupting your movie.
I blogged recently, as shown by the photo at left with my Photoshopped image bubble, about Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott's new barf-inducing low of asking people to text him from movies:
In a new twist, Abbott is taking his campaign to the movies. He is running an ad in two dozen movie theaters across the state, playing on every screen a film is being shown. The ad asks moviegoers to text the word “FREEDOM” to the campaign. The effort is aimed at collecting information the campaign can use to identify and boost turnout.
This combines three barf factors of the modern movie-going experience:
1. Ads before movies;
2. Political advertising in general today;
3. People using cellphones at movies.

Anyway, for obvious reasons, your texting-from-the-movies message for Abbott this week is "Rick Perry." An acceptable alternative is "Indictment."

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