August 13, 2014

Why does #GregAbbott hate the #EPA guaranteeing water quality?

That, and political red meat to tea partiers, is about the only reason he can write the letter he did to the Environmental Protection Agency opposing its new ideas on wetlands, namely, to include seasonal and rain-dependent areas.

Abbott and tea partiers know that this includes lots of West Texas river headwaters, headwaters of rivers that, when damned further downstream, provide a lot of drinking and industrial use waters for Central and East Texas.

But, instead, we get the pout:
The proposal “is without adequate scientific and economic justification and, if finalized, would erode private property rights and have devastating effects on the landowners of Texas,” he wrote as part of a public comment period on the proposal, threatening to sue if it’s not withdrawn.   
Which is, of course, untrue. (The "without adequate scientific ... justification.") The lawsuit threat, coming from Dr. Strangeabbott, is quite real.

The economic justification is also adequate, as I explained above.

On private property rights? I believe said seasonal streams are already marked on maps of deeds, etc., accepted as legal by the state of Texas via its 254 counties. So, this wouldn't involve any change in property rights.

Abbott isn't even a good shyster attorney at times, if I can rebut him that easily.

Meanwhile, the Texas Trib sets this in the background of previous battles by Abbott, often in conjunction with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, against the EPA.

That said, there's one person, even more than the political lackeys at the TCEQ, who has the power, in some way, shape, or form, to protect Texas' water quality, and water supply.

His name is Ken Kendrick, and he will potentially have this power if you help elect him as Texas' Agriculture Commissioner.

Friend Perry, about 10 days ago, did an excellent blog interview with Kendrick.

As Perry notes, Kendrick has a broad-ranging campaign that covers:
1. Water safety
2. Water conservation
3. Corporate accountability
4. Food labeling

And more. 

Don't even think about other names, whether they've got a fake D with a camouflage R after their name, or a bright red R.

Just look at Ken Kendrick.

Update: I emailed this link to Kendrick, and he responded, asking what I thought was a good next step forward.

I told him to "preach" the water quality and water supply issues to Central and East Texas. Especially campaigning against two Republicans, he's got a chance to make inroads in any metro area that gets its water from the Brazos or the Colorado.

Those "seasonal streams" that Abbott doesn't give a damn about? In West Texas, they're called "draws" or "arroyos" and they're the headwaters of both those rivers. Other "seasonal streams" feed the Pecos and Rio Grande.

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