August 11, 2014

Texans have a real option in the Ag Commissioner race

The Texas Green Party's best candidate this year, by far, is Ken Kendrick, running for state agriculture commissioner.

Kendrick rose to fame through exposing salmonella problems at two Peanut Corporation of America facilities. He knows food safety, and as a whistleblower, he knows the need to protect other people telling the truth on food safety.

But, his campaign is far more than that.

Friend Perry, about 10 days ago, did an excellent blog interview with Kendrick.

As Perry notes, Kendrick has a broad-ranging campaign that covers:
1. Water safety
2. Water conservation
3. Corporate accountability
4. Food labeling

And more. 

Don't even think about other names, whether they've got a fake D with a camouflage R after their name, or a bright red R.

Just look at Ken Kendrick.

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