March 07, 2014

Texas 2014 primaries post-mortem, part 2 — all gloom or not?

So, if Greg Abbott is elected as gov and Dan Patrick as lite guv, will they have carte blanche to do whatever they want?

Maybe, maybe not.

I do expect Patrick to trash old Texas Senate rules so that no 2/3 vote is needed for anything. (Other than to hire an Ill Eagle as his office custodian?)

But, on the House side?

First, Kyle Kacal, the local state representative here, expects GOP numbers to drop to about 95 or so. And, if that's the case, surely Joe Straus remains as Speaker.

He relatively easily won renomination in the GOP primary, so I doubt being in Breitbart's gunsights will make him quiver. Straus does face one announced speakership challenge, but he fended off a similar one at the start of 2013 without too much difficulty.

So, at the state level, there may be a few brakes still in place against untrammeled nuttery. 

And, per Perry's comment below, here's his post-mortem from yesterday.


PDiddie said...

I see what you did there ;)

Gadfly said...

I was riffing on yours of yesterday, as well as doing a follow on my "wrap up" of earlier this week, yes. You're now linked.

And, me be more optimistic than you? Well, it is a Friday.