March 04, 2014

Looks like I won't be voting for a US Senator this year

Not unless I move out of Texas.

Neither of the two Democrats likely to go to a runoff, David Alameel, with his moneybags and his apparent lying over his seeming long pro-life history, nor Kesha Rogers, a LaRouchite, appeal to me.

And, I have no desire to vote for Alameel just to block Rogers. If some Democratic voters are voting for her just because of ethnicity, that's not my problem to fix, even if I could. Speaking of, is that part of how Harry Kim, a political unknown from Odessa who never really identified himself to voters, looks set to nearly double Michael Fjetland's vote?

(Sadly, my poll on the runoff didn't include Rogers at all. That said, on the GOP Lite Guv side, on the poll still up, respondents were more accurate than I; I thought it would be Staples along with the Dew.)

And, with the Greens having just one candidate presenting herself at their upcoming convention, Emily Sanchez, who lists the nickname of "Spicybrown" on her official campaign styling, and who hasn't answered an email from me in two weeks, that's not a viable option, either.

Per a commenter on another blog post of mine, maybe Green gubernatorial nominee Brandon Parmer woke up a little bit, but ... seriously? Let me know when you're at 50 percent the organization and professional level of the Libertarians.

It's not that the nickname is an open shout-out to Hispanics (what, the surname "Sanchez" isn't enough) as the apparent major lack of organization plus an intuitional hunch we're looking at something like the 2008 Green Veep nominee, only on a state level.

Also, for all the bashing we gave it, it looks like the Trib's poll was pretty much right about this race. That's not to say it was right everywhere, as Perry notes in his wrap-up.

Otherwise, Dan Patrick finishing first in the GOP Lite Guv primary is probably my biggest shock of the night. Fjetland last in the Dem Senate primary might be No. 2.

And, that's where we're at in the Pointy Abandoned Object State™.

I'll have a wrap on the primaries in general up shortly. And, that post is here.

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Closinhtown said...

Depressing stuff man. Loving your blog though. Keep up the good work.