March 03, 2014

No, small biz does not worry about 'government red tape'

In fact, across the last four quarters, on average, a little bit less than 10 percent of small business owners "government regulation" as their top business concern. In fact, it's not even No. 2.

Developing the business better continues to be, far and away, the top concern.

As for Obamacare at No. 4, while I'm not a big fan of what is really InsurerCare, nonetheless, I'm even less a fan of half-truths and less fanned by FauxNews and media allies in conjunction with wingnut think tanks. Call me back in a year or two on that one, Gallup.

As for "government, general," that's a lame-ass line to have on a poll.

As for taxes? Given how regressive taxes are at the state level, even more than the federal level (not counting FICA taxes), I don't know if small businesses' anger should totally be directed at the feds.

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