March 03, 2014

God, guns and Adam — a conservative #fail

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Tom DeLay thinks god wrote the U.S. Constitution.

David French thinks people have not just a constitutional, but a god-given, right to guns.

The simple and totally wrong wingnut logical conclusion should then should be:

Why didn't the Intelligent Designer god create Adam with gun in hand?

And, that's why you'll never see logic and modern American conservativism in the same room.

This is all just part of larger intellectual failings by the American religious right, of course. When you claim that god did "item X," especially when you usually relate it to some idea that's part and parcel of your American exceptionalism, hilarity and idiocy usually follow after some simple logical reasoning. It's not always quite as quick of a slam dunk as with this or with one of the three Weird Sisters of Sarah Palin, Pam Gellar and Michele Bachmann, but ... sometimes it is! 

Update: It's worse than I thought! The Kentucky Baptist Convention is giving away guns.

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