January 27, 2014

#Astroturfing endorsement groups — part of political silly season

As primary election season approaches in the Abandoned Pointy Object State, part of the fun is seeing candidate-critters talk about who is endorsing them in their battle to replace Kinky Friedman as Head Dogcatcher of Utopia, or whatever the hell race he is in this year.

Example Numero One? From our mild-mannered Deputy Dawg of an Ag Secretary, now challenging David Dewhurst and the gang in the GOP Lite Guv primary:
Citing his proven record of fighting to secure the border and reforming our failed immigration system without amnesty, a coalition of Texans announced today their support for Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. The Border Defenders Coalition is a group made up of law enforcement, landowners and business owners living and working in the border region. 
Speaking of you-know-who, I think he actually stole something from the old Kinkster. His PR goes on to say:
Staples commissioned two accomplished U.S. military generals to conduct a strategic military assessment to identify problems along the border and make recommendations for real solutions. The assessment helped develop his 6–point plan to fix our failing system that starts with securing the border and does not include amnesty. Staples also wrote a book, Broken Borders, Broken Promises, revealing what is truly occurring on the frontlines of the border war. 
First, were there no "failed US generals" available? This is like advertising "authentic Mexican food" instead of "Chinese imitation Mexican food."

Second, it just goes further toward showing that you can round up about any sort of endorsements you want, especially if you have the paperwork already ready for them to form their very own organization.

Third, if we're going to have such fake groups, let's have really fake fake groups.

I’m looking for a group like the Left-Handed Albanian Plumbers of Greater Dallas who Meet in the Sons of Hermann Hall to come out and endorse somebody. Maybe the Kinkster? I'm sure he and the Jewboys have played a gig or two at Sons of Hermann, after all.

Maybe the surviving members of the cast of Monty Python can pull out something like this and create some Astroturfed fake civic organizations for us all.

Or better yet, I can create a business designed to crank out such fake endorsement groups.

Hey, Matt Angle? I got one for you:

"Pro-Choice Businessmen for David Alameel."

Just don't tell them about all that good pro-life Catholic stuff he does.

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