SocraticGadfly: #Alameel flat-out lies on abortion

January 29, 2014

#Alameel flat-out lies on abortion

Or it certainly seems so to these eyes.

That's one of several lies the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate nomination told the Texas Tribune earlier this week:
Alameel insisted he has always been a strong supporter of a woman's right to an abortion. 
"I support Roe v. Wade, which the Supreme Court set as law of the land years ago," Alameel said. “Decisions like this should be made by a woman, her family, her doctor and her God."
I added that emphasis on "always."

Why? Because Alameel has, and I presume for some time, been on the advisory board of a Dallas Catholic group which has given grants to a number of pro-life Catholic groups, groups explicitly focused on right-to-life issues, as I have documented here, about him, as late as last year, possibly currently, sitting on the advisory council for Dallas' Catholic Foundation.

Therefore, if he's not lying now about being pro-choice, at some time in the past he lied to a bunch of Dallas Catholics, including, at least indirectly, the Archbishop of Dallas.

A commenter at this post by Kuff claims that Alameel saw the pro-choice light after his bout of cancer. Really? That was in 2010. And he's still on the advisory council of an explicitly pro-life Catholic group? Tell it to the Marines.

And, as action by House Democrats shows, the birth control provisions of Obamacare are going to remain a hot political topic. On the off chance Texas can elect a Democratic Senator, shouldn't it want one that is square-on with this issue?

But, that's not all. There's this:
“I want a refund right now because I believe John Cornyn and his Republican friends in Washington work for Wall Street and not Texans,” Alameel said. When asked if he regretted those earlier donations to Republicans, he reiterated that he wanted “a refund.”

Alameel said that his view of the Republican Party has changed in recent years.

“I used to think that Democrats and Republicans work together, but you know, it’s becoming more and more crystal clear that today’s Republican Party is far too extreme,” Alameel said. “John Cornyn is part of that extreme problem.”
Really? You just came to that opinion after 2010?

Wasn't it instead the realization after 2010 that, even with your Daddy Warbucks money, you couldn't buy yourself a political office on the GOP side?

It seems pretty clear that, even for a politician, Alameel's willing to tell untruths, and bald-faced ones at that.

I mean, people have made switches, for political reasons. Al Gore and Dick Gephardt moved from pro-life to pro-choice. And, at least in the first couple of years afterward, they never tried to claim they had ALWAYS been pro-choice. Ditto, after Poppy Bush switched the other direction, he never tried to claim he had ALWAYS been pro-life.

Also and again, what does this say about Wendy Davis for endorsing him? If she really cared about principles before either money or tacking right, shouldn't she ask for a "refund" on her endorsement of Alameel?

And, Battleground Texas? If you or Lone Star Project suggested this endorsement, then, per an old cigarette commercial, you've got a long way to go, baby. With Democratic candidates like this, who needs to search for "moderate Republicans"? Instead, just recruit them as candidates.


One Alameel fanboy on FB is now defining "pro-life" as "pro-choice" and also claiming this is an anti-Catholic issue, the push against Alameel. Slap the martyr's back of hand on the forehead.


And, per the Observer, good effing doorknob, it gets worse. Davis used the phrase "pro-life" about herself? Per a Facebooker who tried the same, this is nothing but Grade-A bullshit. "Pro-life" and "pro-choice" have publicly defined meanings.
When Davis did arrive, she met with reporters for 10 minutes. Sanchez asked the candidate about her statement, at an earlier event in the Valley, that Davis was “pro-life.” This was a predictable question given the campaign’s reluctance to even say the word “abortion.” Sanchez documents what happened next: “[Davis] looked at me and shook her head. But before she could articulate, her new press aide Rebecca Acuña jumped in and said ‘that comment was taken out of context.’”
That said, we do now have more of a clue on how and why she endorsed David Alameel.

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