SocraticGadfly: North Texas GOP hits a couple of ethical snags

January 30, 2014

North Texas GOP hits a couple of ethical snags

First, it was the Rockwall County Clerk, a Republican, selling tickets to a GOP event from her office, a clear violation of state ethics law.

That said, since current state Attorney General Greg Abbott, now running for governor, is the guest speaker at the February event, doesn't he need to recuse himself or something? Maybe appoint a Democratic special investigator?

Now, the Dallas County GOP, headed by an acquaintance from my Metroplex days, Wade Emmert, is in trouble with the feds for campaign finance reporting issues. (That said, the violations happened before Emmert became county GOP chair, but did happen during his race for Dallas County Judge.)

How do you miss a $24K credit card donation, anyway? That's a straight-up curiosity question as well as snark.

Back to the two issues. The Dallas County one is relatively minor. BUT ... that is part of political war in Texas, having to face the music even on a "ding" like that, just like Wendy Davis on spinning her campaign contributions.

If you can't, per an old Republican president, be "cleaner than a hound's tooth," then get out of the kitchen.

On the first issue, new county clerks have to go to state-mandated training. Beyond that, anybody with a reasonable ethical compass knows that not just county clerks but all elected officials aren't supposed to solicit while in the office. You just don't do that.

Shelli Miller has apparently been in office for at least the full run of this term, so she's no babe in the woods. That said, I want media up there to ask: Who pushed for this? Who brought the tickets by, etc.? I want that Democratic special prosecutor (or a Green!) sooner rather than later, let alone not at all.

Remember the big to-do the GOP made about Al Gore's calls to Chinese fundraisers? Well, again, North Texas Republicans, get out some hound's tooth toothpaste.

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