SocraticGadfly: #WendyDavis pulls an Obama on favorite politician

January 28, 2014

#WendyDavis pulls an Obama on favorite politician

Remember in the 2008 presidential campaign, all the favorable comments made about Ronald Reagan, as a clear sign he was no Kenyan socialist was ready to pander to moderates, or worse?

Well, Wendy Davis' isn't nearly as bad, but naming a Republican as your most admired politician, even if Bill Ratliff indeed was (relatively) non-partisan? That's in the same neighborhood.

Why not name Bob Bullock? Fairly conservative, yes, so still gives you some pander factor, or a shout-out to rural current and former Democrats. Fairly non-partisan, though, too.

And, a Democrat.

I mean, whether actually using the word "favorite" or "admired" or similar, or not, any Democrat who blathers about a Republican like that, especially when there's a reasonable Democratic alternative, is going to lose a decent chunk of my trust.

Beyond that?

While Davis mentioned "education" too many times for me to count, I didn't see "income inequality" in there once as a direct phrase. Yeah, she kind of indirectly gets at it, about halfway down, and I know governors can only do so much, and state governments in general can only do so much, but, still ....

Guess she has even more in common with Dear Leader, eh?

Also didn't see "reproductive choice," or similar, anywhere there.

I understand education is important, that that's a key issue of reaching out to suburbanites who aren't necessarily "independent," but may just be getting turned off by Abbott.

However, one can do that and still (theoretically) articulate some theoretically core principles.

Or so I thought.

But this?

Must be in line with the pandering to moderates in Waxahachie. Wonder if Battleground Texas or Lone Star Project suggested she do this, just like I wonder if her endorsement of David Alameel, apparent closet pro-lifer, also was suggested by handlers.

Because that would be one way to "make Texas blue," as these folks assume is readily doable: tilt, tilt, tilt, right, right, right.

Also, she didn't have time, or whatever, to complete endorsement questionnaires from state LGBT groups, but did have time for this. Yep, moving right.

OTOH, per her Fort Worth City Council record, including willingness to sometimes jump in bed with the Bass Family for its money, she is not all that liberal outside of two hot-button social issues. And, while those are important, they're not the only things on my radar screen.

There is still the Green alternative for me, since it's too late for Dems to reverse their candidates in the top two spots.

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