January 26, 2013

With death of #StanTheMan, who's now Mr. Cards, #StlCards fans?

Stan Musial / Baseball-Reference
Stanley Frank Musial was officially laid to rest today, of course, after fans had their chance for a fond public farewell on Thursday, as the city of St. Louis mourned not only its greatest sports icon ever, but, possibly its greatest icon ever, period

Per the inductees list of the St. Louis Walk of Fame, Marlin Perkins or Phyllis Diller might be the top challenger among people even older than me, though I met Marlin myself. People my age would probably tab Tina Turner at No. 1. A generation older yet, Charles Lindbergh is probably the only real competitor to Stan, but he spoiled that with his stubborn isolationism.

That said, Red Schoendienst, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and Ozzie Smith, along with broadcaster Bob Costas, are also on the Walk.

Since Costas have moved beyond just the Cardinals, and wasn't a player, let's look at the other four.

Who's your vote for "Mr Cardinal"? Either on sentiment or estimation of popularity?

Lou Brock / Sports Illustrated
I rule out Red. In Musial's shadow, and at his age, even if fans anointed him, it would be a "caretaker" role.

Gibson still doesn't seem to have the glad-handing personality for a role like this.

I say that it's Brock's to lose for now, with the Wizard second. Not that anybody could fully replace Musial, of course.

But, expect Lou to make some golf cart trips in Busch the next postseason appearance for the Cards, which we hope is this year.

So cast your vote below! You even have the option of calling the idea sacrelige!

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Who is or should be the new "Mr. Cardinal"?

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