January 22, 2013

Gay marriage ≠ more single moms (without abortion) #Roe40

That equation in the header is very true .... unless you're a wingnut!

Slate has the details:
In 2009, Maggie Gallagher observed in the National Review that in the preceding five years, the increase in nonmarital births “had resumed its inexorable rise.” She then speculated, “Is it mere coincidence that this resurgence in illegitimacy happened during the five years in which gay marriage has become (not thanks to me or my choice) the most prominent marriage issue in America—and the one marriage idea endorsed by the tastemakers to the young in particular?”
Maggie Gallagher needs her some high school biology remedial classroom work.  I guess that wingnut fear of evolution, along with that wingnut fear of anything but abstinence-only for sex ed, really has produced ignorance.

The first time two lesbian women or two gay men produce a baby, Maggie, you be sure to call. While you're at the mysteries of human reproductive biology, why don't you call Sarah Palin about Trigg? Oh, contra Andrew Sullivan's rabbit hole (and that's why I wouldn't pay for his blog reading, among many other reasons), I'm sure Sarah's the mom, but I'm also pretty damned sure Todd's not the dad. Bristol didn't fall far from the tree with Levi Johnson, you know? Ditto on son Track.

And, so, red states, because parents refuse to talk about sex at home and let their kids learn about the realities of life at school (hey, 150 years ago, in Victorian Scotland, 1/3 of women were pregnant on their wedding day), more red state girls get pregnant young and continue cycles of dysfunction.

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