January 22, 2013

Texas Lege — any new school funding will be for armed guards?

John Whitmire
Reportedly, the Texas Senate may consider a proposal to let school districts create a separate section of their budgetary pie just for security issues, rather than having to fund that out of maintenance funds.

And, shock me that John Whitmire, a Democrat who has rarely met a Republican idea he didn't like, is one of the two senators honchoing it, along with fellow Houstonian Tommy Williams.

The proposal would allow local districts to hold local option elections for this dedicated funding, too, if they're not capped out. Beyond that, while this proposal has no state funding attached, it doesn't preclude that coming down the pike, Williams said.

And, of course, they ignore school shootings like Columbine that undercut their narrative:
"I believe this proposal is a Texas solution that will save lives without sacrificing our freedom," he said. 

But, there's the  "freedom" word. We already have students arrested and in court for truancy. How long before districts use armed security guards for this, too?

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