January 23, 2013

New terrm, same Obama, same love for #banksters

If you didn't want last night's Frontline on Dear Leader's abysmal failure to pursue criminal actions against the too big to indict banksters, you need to. You'll learn about just how much in the tank the Neoliberal-in-Chief was been during his entire first term.

Go to Frontline now. It's one of the best, hardest hitting episodes I've seen of PBS's investigative journalism program.

In the meantime, here's a good summary from Salon. Not only is it a good summary, you'll learn yet new information at the end of it about how Obama is not only in the tank to the banksters, but, how he personally is petulant and thin-skinned.

Wake up, folks. Vernon Jordan took him on a dog-and-pony show before a bunch of Wall Streeters way back in 2003 for their USDA Prime seal of approval. (He got it.)

Also, don't forget Obama's even more special relationship to one bankster. Dear Leader has at least $500,000 reasons to "show his gratitude" to Dimon and JPMorgan.

The thin skinned and petulant's not at all a shock to me, but to those of you who think the "constitutional law scholar" actually is one, perhaps you still need some enlightenment, as documented at the end of this post. And, it's there indeed, trust me.

Note first this pair of grafs, though:
The piece by PBS reporter Martin Smith looks at how Obama has driven federal prosecutions of financial crimes down to a two-decade low. ...

In the single most damning part of the PBS report, we learn that Breuer, fresh off a lucrative stint defending Moody’s and Halliburton, was appointed by President Obama to head the Justice Department’s criminal enforcement division and was soon sculpting this unprecedented ideology and embedding it into the department’s mission.
Followed by this:
PBS reporter Martin Smith just reported that in response to his report, the Obama White House has decided to block access to Frontline reporters in their future reporting.
If you're still puffing on that Inaugural Address fattie, put it down, wake up, and smell the neoliberal coffee, dammit.

Oh, and to riff on Ronald Reagan (Obama's hero) in 1990, about Mr. Breen and microphones, since PBS gets my (and your) tax dollars?

"Mr. Obama, I paid for that microphone."

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