January 24, 2013

Raise your hand if you thought Harry Reid had balls

Instead of passing pseudo-filibuster reform.

If your hand was raised, you probably think Dear Leader is actually going to do all that gun control stuff, and that Lanny Breuer's replacement will actually crack down on the banksters. (Tough hires at the SEC may look great, but that's just civil enforcement, folks.)

 Enjoy two more years of incremental neoliberalism!

Meanwhile, the "pro forma" Senate session may need as much reforming as the filibuster which Harry Reid pretended to touch. I don't know if SCOTUS will uphold the appellate court ruling or not, but this is a biggie on balance of powers issues. (More here from the LA Times; use "porn mode" to defeat the paywall as needed.)

The big question is, which is not clear, is will the appellate court ruling, if it stands, invalidate the NLRB rulings made since the most recent recess appointments? If it does, then we damn well better have some liberal groups suing over every Bush-era recess appointment, too.

Yes, that would be boatloads of chaos, but, better that than letting a one-sided ruling stand.

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