April 08, 2012

#TigerWoods could be fined

Of course, the PGA never makes discipline public, but, if Tiger does have to face the music for kicking his club Friday, let's hope it's a big slapdown. Maybe, per Dan Wetzel, he'll learn to check his temper more. Or, maybe not, and the tail end of his career will remind us more and more of Tom Weiskopf. That said, it would be fun to see Tiger chunk his whole bag in a creek.

Anyway, he's toast for this year's Master's, and not going to finish fourth or even close. He's not back yet.

Indeed, he had his worst professional finish ever at Augusta. Meanwhile, we had a great tournament, complete with playoff, which I wanted "Shrek" to win, but Bubba Watson was also a fine winner. It was competitive all around, including Phil Mickelson making a boneheaded drive followed by a far more boneheaded decision on the fourth hole. Option 1 was to go back to the tee and take the one penalty stroke. Option 2, IMO, was to hit from his lie after the drive, but, left-handed, his normal way, unless the thicket behind him really was that, that bad. In either case, he likely posts a 5, not a 6, and has less distance to close down the stretch.

Well, Tiger probably still believes in himself more than Sergio Garcia. And, without being New Agey, I'll say that Sergio probably is right -- if he doesn't believe he's capable of winning a major, he'll probably continue to short-circuit himself.

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