April 14, 2012

Ads: The latest #Facebook fun

Great. Now Facebook is going to steal a page from, or give a hat tip to, the likes of Groupon and put ads in everybody's news feeds.

A friend of mine there has asked why I don't like Timeline at all, and I've explained that it's because we don't know what Facebook will do next. And, this illustrates that.

The story points out that we should be more careful than ever what we "like." Thank doorknob I've never "liked" a corporate product other than Hatch green chile. I won't even do something like that in the future.

The story neglects to warn us about "checking in" to places via FourSquare, Yelp or other programs that will post that, though. And, don't you know that FB will "spit out" an ad as soon as you do that?

Another FB friend of mine recommends Firefox with AdBlock (noting it's better than Chrome's efforts -- probably because Google has commercial reasons not to make Chrome's ad-blocking work too well).

I do normally use FF. But ...  That said, since this is going to be in news feeds, I'm not sure Ad Block will work. Or, if it does for now, FB will work to find a way around it.

Speaking of, now that Google Maps can even map the inside of many major malls, speculation has been that it would do something different on smartphones with precise GPS. I think that speculation should probably start ramping up now.

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