April 10, 2012

MLB turns into Big Brother on Castro

MLB has found a way to trump Bud Selig's stupidity of a second wild card. The Miami Marlins have given manager Ozzie Guillen, long known for his off the wall outbursts, a five-day suspension for his comments about Fidel Castro.

My question, first, is did the Marlins act alone? Or did Cuban-Americans of an older generation thraten a boycott? Did Bud push the Marlins? It's too bad there's no real appeals process on this, so we could put Bud on the spot.

Second, given this, why didn't the White Sox suspend him longer for one or another of his antigay (or seemingly so) comments?

Third, will Ozzie finish out  the year as manager?

Fourth, maybe the comment "offended" some people, but can anybody find anything factually incorrect?

Sixth, a statement ... all you older, tea party type Cuban-Americans? Get over it.

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