April 13, 2012

Does the 2012 election matter?

On economic issues, at least, Naked Capitalism's Matt Stoller has an emphatic No. And, he's right.

Take the "recovery." How many progressives bemoan how much of the recovery, so far, has gone to the 1 percent, or even more, the 0.1 percent, without mentioning who is president, and  without asking if Obama's been part of the problem? (Stoller has a post on just that issue, too.)

And, Matt Taibbi has yet more reason to be disappointed in Preznit Looking Forward. The JOBS Act seems intentionally designed to produce some of the types of speculation that caused the Great Recession.

Actually, the election DOES matter if you see this and know it's time to think outside the two-party box.

Soon, we won't compare income inequality to the Roaring 20s, but to the 19th century and the Gilded Age.

Free trade with South Korea with a backdoor for China is bad enough. But, Columbia? Yeesh.

Oh, and if unions would think Green rather than Democrat (and environmentalists would stop exploiting eager young workers at times) we could get out of that two-party box better.

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