April 10, 2012

#NPR pulls a #Kucinich

In 2004, in his first quixotic presidential run, Dennis Kucinich brought a flip chart onto an NPR interview.

We could all hear the chart pages flapping, Dennis, but that was it. You weren't on PBS.

Well, per friend Leo Lincourt, NPR did the same to itself today. He said that, in a broadcast story about Mustafa Kamal Mustafa, also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri, about the legality of his extradition from the UK to the US that it said listeners could easily recognize him by the hook on his left hand.

Well, NPR went one better than Kucinich.

First, unless al-Masri had been extradited to an NPR studio and was banging his hook on a table, that was a Kucinich fail.

Second, per Google images, his hook is on the end of his right arm, not his left. So, NPR batted 0-for-2. That said, Reuters also got that one wrong, saying he has hooks on both arms.

Oh, the often maligned Wikipedia has it right, too.

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