December 01, 2011

The other "month-to-month bills" help recipient

With multiple days to cogitate on how to respond to Ginger White's claims, THIS is the best Herman Cain can do? It's the dumbest public opinion thing since Larry Sandusky agreed to talk to Bob Costas on TV.

Yeah, how high WERE those "utility bills"? Cain won't say, "on advice of his attorney."

That said, maybe Cain is hiding something deeper:
Cain said White reached out to him this fall, sending him about 70 text messages from Oct. 22 through Nov. 18 asking for financial assistance.
As in ... extortion? It takes two to tango; why is Ginger White coming out now, after 13 years? Extortion can be easier if the stakes are higher. Maybe White had been getting support and felt entitled to more. And, per a new Gail Collins column, it's clear this isn't the first time she's traded sex (not even romance, so much) for money.

Hey, write a tell-all book instead, Ginger.

This one, nobody's going to end up smelling like a rose. Not White, not Cain, and not Cain's wife, who either has pulled a Tammy Wynette for  her own monetary reasons, is self-delusional, or else really is clueless. Cain says she didn't know about the "payments." Guess he's lucky he never left his cell phone unattended. (And, if you were a married man with a roving eye, would you? Would you get a second phone?)

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