December 03, 2011

Herman Cain lies even to the end

C'mon, Herman, you're not "suspending" your campaign, except in some sort of legal sense to try to troll for funds still, or a psychological sense to try to promote your sure-to-flop book.

You're quitting. And, as with much else in your campaign, you're lying to yourself about it.

Ultimately, by proving yourself an Uncle Tom over Rick Perry's hunting lease, you lived up to caricatures of what a black Republican should be like. Hyperconservative even by tea party standards to prove yourself true blue.

And, speaking of ...

You've lied to yourself about the reality of their depth of support.

Just as many of them are probably lying by Bradley effect about the depth of that support.

Saturday Night Live will miss you as a comic foil, and that's about it.

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