November 29, 2011

Are you living your life well?

Normally, between his "boboes" and misreporting of middle-class America through there eyes, and his generally bland, droning, mind-numbing version of "moderate conservativism," a little David Brooks goes a long way for me.

But, then, he does something like this.

In one of his columns, he asked readers over the age of 70 to send him "life reports" -- autobiographical essays about their own lives.

He has a webpage with two-three paragraph summaries of each, with individual essays expandable by clickable links. It's worth a read, and, while allowing for his own distilled observation that too much rumination can be bad, a bit of it isn't so bad.

Even if you don't agree with the idea of Brooks asking each respondent to grade himself or herself, or the particular grades they issue on themselves, or the subject-matter basis of their grades, but that, too, seems to be part of the story of their stories.

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