November 29, 2011

Obama caught trying to have his religious cake and eat it too

I rarely link to conservative websites, but since The Daily Caller has video from a campaign speech Obama gave for a Democrat, Representative-to-be Patrick Murphy, in 2006, I don't have a problem doing that.

The Daily Caller is making a big deal out of how Obama admitted "stealing" the line, "The Audacity of Hope," from Rev. Jeremiah Wright. To me, that's nothing,a throaway.

The key, instead, is that, at this time, he says he rarely goes to church there. Now, in my blogging in 2008 about how Obama struggled to distance himself from Wright's politically incendiary, but sometimes perceptive, heated sermonizing, I said I suspected that's why Obama hadn't done "oppo research" on Wright -- he'd been such a rare churchgoer he'd missed most of this.

Where we actually are is confirmation of hypocrisy. Before Wright became a problem, but when Obama's middle name and alleged non-Christianity WERE problems, he repeatedly talked about making a commitment to Jesus and praising him, etc., all via the church and leadership of Wright.

Now, 15 years ago, maybe that was true. But, by 2006, or even 2004, it seems that commitment had ... faded.

At the same time, you have a president more liberal than Bush, at least, who has "doubled down" on faith-based initiatives. All trying to play the "religiosity card" in today's America, even if he forgot that during his Thanksgiving Tweets.

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Juanita's Journal said...

Who cares whether Obama or any other politician is a Christian or not? This country is supposed to be founded on the separation of church and state? Or have you forgotten?