September 01, 2011

Texas - how hot is it?

How hot has it been in Texas? Go to this chart and look at all the "first" rankings Texas cities have for most consecutive and most total 100-degree days this year.

And, that heat explains this drought:

The latest AP story on Texas' drought is out, and, as the graphic shows, it's even uglier than ever.

That graphic isn't ugly enough? Try this one, which shows how the current drought compares to past ones:

That said, rain over the last 12 months is its lowest ever. But, this is still, at this point, "just" a one-year drought, as the story just linked notes. But, hopes for potential Hurricane Lee aside, La Nina is expected back later this year and into next. And, that spells more trouble. Without serious rain soon, fall planting of Texas and Oklahoma winter wheat will simply have to be put on hold, intensifying the agricultural fallout. (Besides that, that storm is just an "invest," not even a tropical storm yet, and the heat dome looks like it will block it from every entering Texas.)

And, this just in. Both Texas and Oklahoma have set all-time records for hottest June-August periods. And, Texas has set both 10- and 12-month records for driest periods ever.

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