September 01, 2011

#Big12 #fail: BYWho?

OK, we know Texas A&M wants out of the Big 12, most likely for the SEC.

So, rather than be an increasingly irrelevant nine-team league made of Texas, OU and nobody else in football, those two plus OkState in baseball, and the two above plus Kansas of course in hoops, they need one more team, at least.

And, BYU? BYWho is not the answer, no matter the Big 12's push, for multiple reasons.

1. Jimmer Fredette aside, it's not a big hoops team.
2. It's not a baseball team at all.
3. There's no historic connection with the Big 12.
4. It's not that big of a media market.

That's why all of Yahoo columnist Dan Wetzel's arguments for the SEC to make TCU its 14th team apply in spades to the Big Whatever.
1. It would be a pre-emptive strike to keep the SEC from pitching tent in the Big 12 backyard.
2. It is indeed a big media market.
3. All sorts of historic connections.

Plus, BYWho, like UT, has a fat independent football broadcasting contract. Think it's going to want to "share" any more than the Longhorns have?

Speaking of, UT's athletic director, DeLoss Dodds, claims A&M had a chance to get in on the ground floor of  its TV contract. Will this statement start a pissing match?

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