September 01, 2011

Green Party news

As promised, good political news, moving beyond bashing President Obama and other neolib Democrats.

The Green Party just got done with its 2011 annual meeting and convention.

Among candidates this year is Cheri Honkala, running for sheriff in Philadelphia on a no-evictions platoform, and Mark Miller, running for a Massachusetts state house open seat taht he almost won in 2010.

Elziabeth May, the first Canadian Green to win a seat in parliament, was also at the convention.

Looking ahead to 2012 races? A reminder: Greens have statewide party-line ballot access in the four largest states of California, Texas, New York and Florida. Don't listen to Democratic fear mongering!


PDiddie, aka Perry Hussein Dorrell said...

Amy Price is running for Houston City Council, At Large #4 and Don Cook is also running for At Large #1.

Gadfly said...

We actually had a Green Congressional candidate out here in Odessa-Midland last year. One race at a time, a real option!