August 31, 2011

Obama vs. Perry ... TV prelude next week?

So, President Obama's plan to address Congress on jobs next Wednesday would compete head-on with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others in a GOP presidential debate, already set for MSNBC.

That said, MSNBC has already signed up to televise the debate, while three of the four broadcast networks launch season premieres. Per the story, CBS plans to air a new episode of Big Brother, NBC has a new Minute to Win It, and Fox has its new series Buried Treasure.

Next Thursday? Nope, unless Obama starts early. That's the becoming-traditional early kickoff of Sunday Night Football and the NFL season.

Meanwhile, Speaker John Boehner has refused the Wednesday time.

Beyond that, I'm with Faux News' analysis, of all things. (OF course, it was outsiders with the insight.) By wanting to address a joint session of Congress, like a miniature State of the Union, Obama ups the pressure on himself to say something substantive. And, he won't. There will be nothing but incrementalism. And, by putting incrementalism under the spotlight, Obama will undercut himself.

Anyway, stay tuned ... pun intended.

Update: Obama blinked. Why he's so insistent on speaking before Congress, I don't know. If any of you readers think he'll actually have anything earthshaking-enough to make a miniature State of the Union style address either necessary or worthwhile, I have a bridge in Brooklyn and oceanfront in Arizona to sell you.

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