August 30, 2011

Obama = Bush on environment

Hey, I would agree. And, I've said it in some way, shape or form before.

But, that's not me saying it this time. It's a national voice, Mark Bittman of the NY Times.
I wasn’t surprised when the administration of George W. Bush sacrificed the environment for corporate profits. But when the same thing happens under a Democratic administration, it’s depressing. With little or no public input, policies that benefit corporations regardless of the consequences continue to be enacted.
And, Bittman has multiple examples going back long before last week's State Department sign-off on the Keystone XL pipeline.

They include:
1. Deregulating Monsanto's GMO alfalfa;
2. Defying a court order on planting GMO sugar beets;
3. Putting "import GMOs" pressure on the European Union.

And now Keystone, over which Bittman says he's "insulted."

Insulted enough to vote Green? What about you? Coffee's brewing.

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