August 24, 2011

Tiger Woods and Obama are flat with Teapot Tommy

Charting new column inaneness, Teapot Tommy Friedman says Dear Leader is just like Tiger Woods.

No, really.
He’s not Jimmy Carter. He’s Tiger Woods — a natural who’s lost his swing. He has so many different swing thoughts in his head, so many people whispering in his ear about what the polls say and how he needs to position himself to get re-elected, that he has lost all his natural instincts for the game. He needs to get back to basics.
Actually, he's worse than Carter on degree of conservatism. Like Woods, he's been in bed with plenty of mistresses, in his case the whores of Wall Street.

He's not a political natural; he's benefited from weak opponents, the soft bigotry of low expectations (read: a black man who doesn't sound like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton), he's never had "his own swing" except that of neoliberalism and suck-up-itis, and he doesn't know what "basics" are.

I'm not even going to try to explain, or even understand, the rest of the column.

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