August 26, 2011

Should Obama play GOP-type hardball on global warming disaster aid?

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is only willing to send earthquake disaster aid to his home state of Virginia if it's offset elsewhere in the federal budget.

And, rather than making his fellow Virginians suffer, that means he's playing hardball elsewhere, you know.

Now, how does this relate to Obama, hardball (and likely lack of balls)?


As the map above shows, Texas is officially suffering the worst one-year drought in state history. The drought that may get even worse next year. Oklahoma's about as bad off on drought. The drought is likely exacerbated by the global warming you both deny and you abet with lax pollution standards and enforcement.

So, Dear Leader should tell Rick Perry, and the GOPers in the Texas House and Senate delegations - including the wingnuts like (Louie) Gohmert Pyle - that, if you don't pass global warming legislation, Texas doesn't get disaster aid. Ditto for Tom Coburn and other Okies.

Since the more rural, more wingnut western parts of both states are most affected, this would hit tea partiers in general right where they should be hit. And, it's not like Obama's going to win either state next year.

But, this is Obama. When he's not carrying Wall Street's water, he's usually, per Teddy Roosevelt, showing his backbone is made of chocolate eclair.

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