August 22, 2011

Obama gets tough on the banksters ... deke ... I meant "corrupt"

The part of the headline before the ellipsis points was the header for Glenn Greenwald's column.

Of course, in reality, it's not even close to true.

Rather, as Yves Smith says at Naked Capitalism (h/t Greenwald) ... the Obama Administration is "corrupt" on the whole rotten in American mortgage mess.

No other word for it. The ongoing saga of Team Obama vs. New York AG Eric Schneidermann, trying to hold banksters' feet to the fire as much as Eliot Spitzer did if not more, is intensifying.

As Smith points out, when somebody inside Team Obama says "Wall Street is our Main Street," you know how corrupt the administration is.

There's nothing "new" here as to revelations about banksters' fraudulence. There's no GOP Congress obstructing Obama from doing the right thing.

Rather, his administration is corrupt. And the man himself is halway bankrupt morally.

There's nothing CLOSE to new on Obama's actions. This is the same Obama who willingly let the Democratic National Procurer, Vernon Jordan, parade him in front of a bunch of Wall Streeters way back in 2003 to vet him as suitable neolib presidential material.

So, per my poll in the right hand column, add this together with his warmongering, and how can you not say he's a neoconservative? Not a neolib, a neocon.

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